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Father discovers new disease gene, sets out on a cure for his son

– The story behind Landon’s League Foundation

Author: Mary Caltrider
Published: 11:25 AM CDT May 22, 2023
Updated: 11:25 AM CDT May 22, 2023

On January 4th, 2017, Lauren and Joe Walsh gave birth to Landon. One day after his birth, an MRI revealed he was born with brain abnormalities. This caused several symptoms such as – development delay, vision impairment, feeding difficulties, seizures, just to name a few.

After an entire year of testing, doctors shared that Landon had a mutated gene, but beyond that, there were no answers.

Joe Walsh, also a medical practitioner, set out to research his son’s mutated gene, identified as CAMSAP1. The passionate father connected with doctors who had previously studied the mutation.

After 4 years of fighting for his son, Joe made a breakthrough discovery.

Through his studies, he revealed CAMSAP1 is a ‘disease gene.’ The news caught word of mouth, so much so, that they learned other children in the world suffer from the disease gene.

The news allows researchers to access more grants for funding.

Even through all of this discovery, there is more to learn, as Joe sets out on finding a cure through gene therapy. With Landon League’s Foundation, he hopes to raise funds, and awareness for those who cannot advocate for themself.
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