Charity Fundraiser – Virtual Mouse Races

“A Night at the Mouse Races” Charity Fundraiser

Terms and Conditions

I. Contest Parameters:

“A Night at the Mouse Races” is a charity fundraiser contest presented by Landon’s League Foundation in collaboration with Advantage Hole in One. A maximum of up to five hundred (500) entries total are allowable prior to the designated contest date. No presence necessary to win. Winner(s) will be contacted and notified of their win as soon as a winner has been determined.

Eligible contestants submit an entry with their prediction of the winner for each of the six (6) mice races and the winner of the championship race (consisting of the winners from the previous six mice races, aka the seventh (7th) championship race). The entry period will end on Tuesday, December 01, 2020 at 11:59pm or when 500 entries have been submitted, whichever happens first. A grand prize of $25,000 will be awarded to a contestant whose paid submitted prediction(s) matches exactly with the winner of each of the seven (7) races. There shall be a maximum of up to one (1) $25,000.00 (Twenty-five thousand US Dollars and zero cents) grand prize payout covered by this contract. In the event of multiple winners, the grand prize will be split evenly between all of the eligible winners.

Each eligible entry for this charity fundraiser must include the contestant’s correct and legally given first and last name, contact information, and their prediction of the seven (7) races, in order of race 1 through 7. The contestant will need to predict the race and winning lane, for all 7 races. The prediction will look like this example: “Race 1 – Lane 2”, and so on through race 7. This contract permits multiple entries per contestant, as long as the total number of entries for the entire contest does not exceed 500 entries. Contestants will submit their entry by clicking on the “PayPal Checkout, PayPal Credit Checkout, or Debit/Credit Card” button(s) at the bottom of the form (see above form). After doing so, and payment has subsequently been submitted, the contestant has officially entered the contest. Once the contestant successfully submits their entry, it is recorded, their entry is final and no changes can be made to their entry, including their player selections.

Once the entry period has ended, the following procedure will take place:

Promptly as of 11:59 pm on Tuesday, December 01, 2020, the registration page will no longer accept entries, or when (500) entries is reached first.

If any entry is received by Landon’s League Foundation after the aforementioned deadline, that contestant’s entry will be disqualified, and no claim will be acknowledged for that entry. All eligible entries will be submitted to Advantage Hole In One by Landon’s League Foundation prior to the start of the the races.

Any winning contestant will be required to produce sufficient identification. The name on the identification must match exactly with the name on the original prediction entry. This contestant must be the participant who originally submitted the prediction entry. No family members, friends or any other person will be allowed to accept the prize on behalf / for winning contestant.

All predictions must clearly show the winner predicted for each of the seven (7) mice races.

Any claim that is a result of tampering with the mice will not be covered by this contract.

II. Claim Procedures — Requirements for Reimbursement of a Prize Claim:

In the event an eligible contestant correctly predicts the winning mouse of each of the seven (7) races, that designated contestant will be eligible for the grand prize, subject to verification and approval by Landon’s League Foundation and Advantage Hole In One.

The winning contestant must be the individual who participated in the contest. No family member, friend or any other person will be allowed to accept the prize on behalf of a winning contestant.

Advantage Hole In One may require certified affidavits and recorded statements from the contest administrator and third party witness to verify that all contract terms and conditions outlined herein have been met. All parties must understand that in the event of a claim, a polygraph test (at the expense of the client/sponsor) given by a professional polygraphist may be required by Advantage Hole In One of anyone involved in this promotion to further verify any claim. A polygraph test which reveals any fraudulent activity or any non-compliance with any of the terms and conditions outlined herein may result in a claim denial.

The charity fundraiser contest supervisor must make sure that all contestants are fully aware of all terms and conditions outlined herein. No employees (or family members of employees) of Advantage Hole In One, the sponsor, client, any promotional agencies or advertising parties associated with this event are eligible to participate in this contest. Failure to adhere to any of the terms and conditions outlined herein will result in a claim denial.

III. Charity Fundraiser Dates, Cancellations, Revisions and Schedule of Prize Awards: 

If the charity fundraiser, “A Night at the Mouse Races”, is cancelled due to any reason which prevents the conducting of the contest, a rescheduled date without additional charges may be chosen, and all paid entries will remain valid.

Winner(s) are liable for any and all tax consequences resulting from their acceptance of any prize associated with this contest.

The schedule of prize awards is as follows:

a. Per occurrence: $25,000.00;

b. Maximum of one (1) grand prize payout;

c. Maximum aggregate liability: $25,000.00.

This contract covers a maximum of up to five hundred (500) total attempts (prediction entries) on the following contest date: Saturday, December 12, 2020.

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